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artist statement

My grandmother was an artist and a lifetime supporter of the arts in her town of Tawas, Michigan. She declared me an artist at an early age, and kept me supplied with paint, brushes and paper throughout my adolescence. My mother and father were, and still are, prolific hobbyists, teaching me skills in the fiber arts and woodworking. They impressed upon me their view of a successful life, “Busy people are happy people.”

My sculptural work is figurative and reflects the world around me. I like browsing through Roman & Greek art and mythology, Art Nouveau & Art Deco figurines, pre-Columbian pottery, Google Images, and aqua-musical films of the 50’s. I also love people watching in Seattle, on the streets and at sporting events, where both athletes and their crowds entertain. I stuff my back pockets with Picasso, Takamori, Fay Jones, and comics from the New Yorker. Always striving for aesthetic appeal and classical elegance, I can’t help but inject a little humor, fun, and the joy of the human experience into my creations.

I slow down and relax when flameworking glass in my studio, and this state of mind enables me to patiently and meticulously craft these complex hollow forms. Borosilicate glass allows this careful approach. Also known as Pyrex and hard glass, its most valuable quality is that it has a very low Coefficient of Expansion and so can withstand larger temperature swings that would cause other formulas of glass to crack. In addition, hard glass can be heated, manipulated and joined in the flame of a oxygen-propane bench burner. Melting together quickly and completely, the joint line disappears and the separate units become one.